We help you take back what is yours!

Why do you need us and why would you get a tax refund?

  • The average refund for Irish Tax payers is €800
  • More than HALF of Irish Tax payers miss out on Tax Refund
  • Preparing a tax return can be confusing and complicated
  • We can claim for the last 4 years
  • To claim Tax Reliefs, you do not have to have paid Tax
  • You can get a refund of tax if you were employed and find yourself unemployed
  • You may also get a tax refund if you are out of work due to illness
  • You can also get tax back if you are still employed but have paid more tax than you were liable for
  • You may get a refund if your tax liability has been incorrectly calculated by your employer and you have overpaid tax
  • We ensure your tax return is filed on time and you get back any tax refunds


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